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Restaurant & Cocktail Bar


Sunset Beach Bar & Restaurant

Kumharas is Restaurant Bar to enjoy de sunset in San Antonio. It was born from the perfect mix of international flavors and cuisines resulting from the harmonious combination of the best products, the professionalism of its creators, the good service of our waiters and of course, the magic of Kumharas.


World flavors fusion with the magical touch of creative cuisine

The Kumharas Restaurant was born with the perfect blend of flavors and international cuisines result the harmonious combination of the best products, the professionalism of its creators, good service from our waiters and how no, Kumharas magic.

A rich and varied in imagination menu, unique dishes, renewed each year, created especially for our clients. An explosion of flavor that invites you to explore other cultures without leaving a unique and special location in Ibiza, with the possibility to accompany them with a good selection of Spanish wines.


Classic Cocktails, Gin & Tonics, Cubalibre

At Kumharas we know that every special moment is accompanied by a different drink. We make classic cocktails for those who like to enjoy a good one while watching the sunset. Or delicious Smothies for lovers of healthy living.

Our secret to make any drink is the love with which it is made, in addition to always having fresh ingredients and top quality.


Three different areas, one only fun

Three different areas, the chillout restaurant, where you can enjoy a horizontally and relaxed dinner on a cool atmosphere.

The lounge area invites you to an intimate dinner in one of our haimas, it becomes a perfect place share with your intimates.

And there are also table areas for those who like to have their meal the most confortable an spaceous way.

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